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I recently blogged an infographic on the impacts of pollution (responsible for at least 9 million premature deaths per year around the world- 16% of the global total), which is based on a study published in the the Lancet Journal.

These images from National Geographic (via this Guardian piece) convey some of the issues of air, water and soil pollution in a different format- ie in photographs. While the infographic, and the study that informs it, provide textual and numerical representations on the issue, imagery (and other forms of the visual arts) can be powerful and effective ways of communicating such ideas and issues.

Notably this relates to the format and an underpinning theme of the excellent book ‘Big World Small Planet’ by

Johan Rockström


Mattias Klum which I am currently reading, that explores issues of environmental sustainability and planetary boundaries through combining science and art- information and analysis as well as photography and graphics.