Photo: elk of Brinnon Washington.

Coronavirus Ecology Tip: turn off your engine while waiting in the drive thru line.

I don’t use the drive thru line at the bank because I have Tyrannosaurus Rex arms and can’t reach the drawer. But now I have to use the drive thru because of social distancing. I was waiting in line with six other cars. I’m the only one who turned off their engine while waiting. Reduce CO2 and protect the lungs of those around you by turning off the engine while waiting in line at the drive thru.

KUOW’s Biggest Carbon Loser contest has only a few days left. Have you met the contestants?

Rally in Solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en Heritage Chiefs and People, who are Opposing Pipeline Development across their Sovereign Lands

What:    Global Day of Action for the Wet’suwet’sen people in a peaceful rally in solidarity with them                                          

When:  February 23, 2020, Noon to 2:00 pm

Where: Triangle across the street from Chase Bank at Sims Way (Highway 20) and Kearney Street

Bring:   Signs of support

Wear:    Red, if you can

Join a peaceful rally on February 23 at Noon to 2 pm at the grassy triangle across the street from Chase Bank on Sims Way at Kearney Street. Climate activists, protectors of the Salish Sea and indigenous allies are rallying to show support and solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en Nation of Canada. This small, remote tribe in northern BC has been opposing efforts to develop pipelines across their sovereign territory for more than a decade.

Energy companies have already disrupted their subsistence wildlife trapping and destroyed some of their sacred sites and tribal buildings for dwelling, gathering and healing. Tribal members living on the land are very worried about pollution of their waters from pipeline leaks, since they are dependent on their clear, pure water from creeks and rivers for drinking, cooking and cleaning.

Tribal citizens, especially the heritage chiefs, have been peacefully opposing both the TransMountain Expansion and Coastal Gaslink Pipelines, slated to be built across their wildlands, forests and rivers.

Participants are encouraged to bring signs of support and wear something red to commemorate all the missing and murdered women and their families, who have suffered so much, especially from the large “man-camps” that are erected by energy development companies for construction.

A proposed flood control dam would damage a productive salmon river in Washington State.

Olympic Peninsula Humane Society fundraiser: Meowgaritas and Mutts.

$60 a person, includes one margarita.

GoFundMe: Love You Till The Cows Come Home.

A Sequim family farm took a major hit when their freezer broke and they lost a lot of product.

Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man. His company, Amazon, is one of the world’s most pollutive companies. Is his pledge of $10 billion dollars to fight climate change enough?

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